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The herbal korean 3-tea routine

Are you ready to incorporate herbs into your life and detox your body for beauty and wellness? You can use this 3-Tea routine to enhance metabolism, beautify skin, and detox. It's how I slim down after eating dense foods like fries, how I trimmed my waist after 3 kids, how I treat my pain from inflammation, and how I beautify my skin.

The Herbal Korean 3-Tea Routine is the single most important element to my entire concept to natural health and beauty because it is the water element - the major element of our body - making it the foundation upon which everything else built to create beauty-from-health. That is why the 3-Tea routine is where all things herbal and Korean begin for beauty and wellness.

What is the 3-Tea routine? 

In the shortest phrase, it is simply drinking tea 3 times per day. Simple, right? Yes, it is simple to do, but the  Herbal Korean 3-Tea Routine is much more than just sipping 3 cups of any brew in a day. My specific routine is about using Korean herbal traditions and using specific teas for very specific beautifying and wellness effects. 


The motto of the Herbal Korean approach to beauty and wellness is this: 

Keep the body hot and the skin cold. 


All foods in Eastern herbal culture are divided into cooling or heating categories, and their effect on qi or balance within the body. So, whereas my skincare tips and regimens incorporate a lot of cooling methods to promote tightness, elasticity, and calmness, the opposite goes for the body. By using 3 heat-producing teas and 1 cooling tea, the body can experience these benefits: 

  • Improved blood circulation

  • Removal of toxins and wastes from body

  • Purifying blood

  • Strengthening of liver

  • Improved digestion

  • Improved immunity

    These effects of tea also produce beautifying results such as:

  • Anti-aging effects

  • Pure and radiant skin

  • Enhanced metabolism and slimming effects

Overall, the effects of the teas are to make the body flow or be in movement with healthy energy. There is a saying in Korea that emphasizes the importance of flow and movement in water, energy, and life: "Water that does not flow turns foul." It's a simple concept, but it's easy to forget how important this movement is for our mind, body, and wellness is as most modern people eat energy-blocking junk food and harmful flouridated and chemical-laden water.


So to re-emphasize, heat is important to our well-being, and heat promotes flow and circulation, a recurring theme that you will see repeated through the Herbal Korean. As a side note, even positive, life-giving emotions are described as heat or "warmth". Yes, heat is important. It is the flow of energy that beauty and wellness depends on. I love heat.

So, it's all coming together, right?

The 3-Tea Routine is a heat-producing for the body to flush, detox, and beautify through circulation and purification, that is then balanced with one cooling tea (barley). 

Now let's get to the routine

For the Herbal Korean 3-Tea Routine, I drink 3 teas per day, but only these specific teas on a specific schedule. 


Green Tea Pot Ceremony Facebook Event Cover Photo (1).png

Ginger tea


Mugwort or

Barley or

Fresh Lemon tea


Mugwort or

Barley or

Fresh Lemon tea



  • I recommend this Blue Lotus blend that I found to have the most effective and tasty ginger and herb blend for morning use:

  • Benefits of ginger tea:

  • Anti-inflammatory: Blue Lotus is the best anti-inflammatory tea I have used.

  • Promotes regular healthy bowel movements that detoxes body.

  • Reduces headaches.

  • Promotes weight loss: this tea immediately reduces any bloating, rids waste from the body, and through herbal-heat has slimming effects

  • Improves cognitive function.

  • Drink hot, on empty stomach before meal


Korean barley

Korean mugwort

  • Dried mugwort:

  • Benefits of Korean mugwort:

  • Cineole in mugwort is a powerful anti-inflammatory and can help reduce swelling.

  • Improves memory and concentration.

  • Korean mugwort is an incredible tea for beauty and immune function. You are going to see this a lot of the Herbal Korean used many different ways. 

  • Remineralizer for bones.

  • Improves vision.

  • Drink hot or lukewarm, after meal.


Fresh lemon

  • Squeeze fresh lemon juice into hot cup of water.

  • Beautifies skin.

  • Helps break down heavy, dense and oily foods.

  • De-bloating and slimming effects.

  • Freshens mouth and breath.

  • Enhances metabolism.

  • Drink hot, with meal or after meal.

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