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Welcome to the Herbal Korean! I am a natural-ways enthusiast and a firm believer that traditional methods to beauty and health are the most essential paths to long-lasting and genuine beauty. I can this beauty-from-health, and it is about looking your best from nature-based wellness and bringing our ways back to herbs and tradition to look and feel our best.

I am a serious herb-enthusiast and incorporate many Korean herbs for my daily life to take care of all my beauty issues from bloating to skincare. Korea has many amazing herbs and numerous beauty routines using plants to maximize beauty-enhancing factors such as detoxes, blood circulation, and qi-balance. I am going to share my knowledge with you through this website, Instagram, and YouTube so you can incorporate these old yet highly effective traditions into your life using the best ingredients that I find through Amazon and other shopping platforms. I used these methods after giving birth to my 3 children to look and feel my best using plants to recover and continue to use my methods for everyday life. I am a homeschool mom to three children, so I will also be showing you recipes for great herbal treats you can make for your natural-life children and fun homeschool activities that you can enjoy with your kids! Enjoy, and cheers to the herbal way of life! Sincerely,

The Herbal Korean


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