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Beauty combo: plant detox with red light therapy

I am starting off Saturday with personal care with 어성초 (eoseongcho) or chameleon plant, and red light therapy in my room.

This plant is known as one of the 'ten medicines' used widely in East Asia to alleviate various ailments. In Japanese, this plant is called 蕺草 (dokudami), and in English it is often called chameleon plant, rainbow plant or Chinese fish tail.

Just a note! This herb has a strong, bitter taste, and is not for everyone, but I personally don't mind it.

Houttuynia cordata full leaves:

I also made a personal note to myself for its beauty benefits on the bag. This plant helps strengthen hair roots, helps detox the body, and helps skin retain moisture and improve elasticity. Houttinuya Cordata is also known for its benefits to eczema and for its skin-lightening benefits.

Herbal powder:

Stress and exhaustion can prevent your body from eliminating cellular waste and cause bloating, weight gain, and accelerated aging. Combining detoxing and beautifying plants with red light therapy is my personal combination routine to keeping a slim waist and anti-aging.

Korean herbal pill form:

Red Light Therapy:


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