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The Best Korean Toothbrush

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Happy New Years to all the natural-minded!

My first post for the Herbal Korean way to health and beauty begins with the simplest, yet the most important, health and beauty tip - TOOTHBRUSHES! You can't begin a journey to health and beauty without prioritizing oral care. Ever wonder how Koreans maintain their perfect pearly-whites?

I'm about the introduce you to THE toothbrush that many Koreans are hooked on.

If you are like me and do not buy Big Pharma toothpastes, it only makes sense that you also do not use their low quality, over-priced toothbrushes as well.

South Korea has some of the world's best toothbrushes that are affordable and unbelievably high quality. My favorite is the ATOMY Toothbrush that I have been using with high commitment for over 10 years because I simply cannot find any other brand that meets this standard.

The ultra-soft bristles are infused with nano-gold for anti-bacterial effects and are the gentlest and most cleansing bristles I have ever tried. They are great for everyone, including sensitive gums and teeth, and are incredible for removing plaque and residue.

I see a lot of commercials out on social medial lately promoting high-priced micro-fur toothbrushes, but these brushes are the original micro-bristles that end with the slimmest 0.03mm tips, making these bristle ultra-soft and ultra-cleansing without scratching teeth. Their bristle technology and pricing are simply incomparable.

People who have tried this toothbrush don't go back to any other brand because there simply is no other equivalent for its quality and price. The price is about $14 per 10-pack so trust me when I say it's worth it.

You can get yours here:


The toothpaste I use


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