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How I use sound frequency for skin rejuvenation & anti-aging

I stayed up all night last night, and my face felt tired and saggy. Whenever I feel like this, I use my sound frequency tools to help my muscles and skin rejuvenate.

For centuries, humans have been aware of the effects of sound frequency on the human body and mind. From Pythagoras to ancient temples, sound frequency has long been used to alter human brain waves and promote relaxation and healing. Because everything in the world has its own frequency and is impacted by the presence of other frequencies, this notion extends to using frequency to impact the human body to promote various healing effects.

The 111 Hz sound frequency is known as the Divine Frequency and is known for its production of endorphins and cell regeneration. I use this healing frequency for anti-aging and skin beautifying routines, as well as for my TMJ and jaw stiffness.

I use this healing tuning fork to create a 111hz youthful facial stimulation routine. The fork comes with the hammer, and when hit, it makes a delicate sound and vibrates throughout the metal. By placing the instrument on acupressure points, I use the vibrations to promote skin beauty. Using acupressure points is particularly beneficial because it targets meridian points that are known to stimulate specific organs and promote blood circulation and relaxation.

I first noticed tuning forks when I noticed my personal acupuncturist using them for all types of issues needing cellular repair. I adopted tuning forks into my own routine and have been using them ever since. I have noticed improved tightness in the skin around my face where I use tuning forks and feel significantly relaxed and happier after use. Place the fork with medium pressure so that it does not press onto the bone and the vibrations are felt through the deeper layers of the skin.

111Hz is known for:

Cell regeneration

Promotes skin healing

Production of endorphins

Helps ease face and jaw pains


Elevated mood

Increased focus and empathy

You can get one here:


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