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Koreans use this herb for beauty and slimming

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

So many people ask - how do Koreans get beautiful skin, stay slim and young-looking? Koreans use Korean herbs. It's that simple. You will always see Korean products loaded with specific Korean herbs because herbal culture is the foundation of Korean beauty culture.

Today I am going to introduce my *favorite* Korean herb for beautiful skin and weight loss.

I used this herb to lose my pregnancy weight and bounce back to my original shape after each child. I drink it, bathe in it, wash my face with it, and if I could find the time to slather myself in this for a whole day, I would. This is my go-to herb for weight loss and skin beauty, and it's undeniably a favorite for Koreans with centuries of history behind its use for its medicinal and beautifying benefits.

What is it? It is Korean mugwort.

It is, in my opinion, the best holistic herb out there. It has multi-functional benefits from beauty, to digestion, to mood-stabilizing and even dream-enhancing benefits. It is a functional herb that really works from the inside and out to bring a multi-faceted range of benefits. And, as is the theme of the Herbal Korean - wellness is the foundation of beauty. That's why Korean mugwort is the foundational herb from which I believe you can achieve slimming, detoxing, skin-purifying, and beauty-enhancing effects. It is one herb that I always have stocked in my cabinet and I am sure ancient and modern Koreans would all agree on how essential this herb is for everyday wellness and as the best-of-beauty plant. It's time you try using Korean mugwort, too. I'm going to teach you some ways to use this amazing herb from teas to beautifying facial water to herbal baths.

Note: I recommend only Korean mugwort and not other types of mugwort because the herbal effects are less concentrated in other types and I have found other types to be rougher and completely different as a tea and beautifying plant than Korean mugwort.

First, this must-have cup for herbal tea routines:

My favorite must-have cup for herbal and medicinal teas. Thin, high-quality glass helps keeps herbs pure, and maintain its taste. The lid helps the herbs seep into the water and really bring out its herbal qualities while also keeping the herbal water clean while I'm not drinking it. This cup makes exactly how much I need for one day.

This cup also helps me keep track of how much water I need to drink in one day. Women need to be drinking 2.7 liters of water per day. If I fill this cup 3 times during the day and finish it, I have achieved my healthful and beautifying water intake routine!

Korean mugwort is my favorite herb that I started using in my 20s and use to this day in my mid 30s for its anti-aging, beautifying, and health-benefiting qualities.

Look at this beautiful deep-green color. I have tried many, MANY types of mugwort and the color, smell, and quality has been the best from this specific Korean brand.

How to use Korean mugwort:

1. Drink it as tea: Add 1/2 tablespoon of mugwort powder to 1 liter of boiling water and let seep. This will make enough tea for one entire day. I drink this with every meal or just sip throughout the day. I use my favorite 1.3 liter glass cup to make exactly how much I need for one entire day. I sip on it all day as I work at my desk or while watch the kids. Plus, it has a lid so I can cover it up when I'm not drinking it.

****Tip: Drink only the herbal water from the powder. Discard the powder that is left over at the bottom of your cup. The herbal benefits will seep plentifully into the water and the hard plant powder can be discarded. It is not beneficial for your digestion.

2. Bath in it: I use 5 table spoons in 1 liter of boiling water in my favorite cup again. Then I just add the tea to bath water. I bathed in this tea everyday after each of my 3 births and I swear by this as the best bath herb.

3. Beautifying facial water: Same ratio as tea 1/2 tablespoon to 1 liter. Let the tea cool completely then wash your face with the herbal water then rinse with cool water. Koreans love using mugwort for the face because it helps create pure-looking and supple skin.

Additional benefits of this beautiful emerald water:

- Weight loss

- Immunity booster

- Great herb for colds

- Digestive improvement

- Eye health

- Relieves fatigue

- Skin balancing and promotes pure-looking skin



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