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Osmanthus Flower Tea

I'm not saying you need to buy all the herbs that I have. That would be a massive undertaking because my herbal cabinet is CRAZY big! Lol. But I hope you find my posts about the teas I drink and their uses for beauty and wellness as educational information that you can incorporate into your life.

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Today I drank and made beauty facial water out of Osmanthus flower tea.

Light, delicate, feminine. It was just my mood today and the perfect aromatic flower to feel light and beautiful.

I used my must-have glass herbal cup and seeped the flowers with the lid closed. This helps maximize the fragrance and benefits. I usually strain the flowers but kept them in just for the pics.

Osmanthus benefits:

- Studies showed that even a cup of osmanthus flower tea per day may help improve immune system and increase anti oxidative defense.

- Osmanthus is warming and nourishes the lungs. In TCM, nourished lungs lead to good skin. The theme to my Herbal Korean way to natural beauty is to keep the body warm through heating herbs (circulation promoting) while topically applying cooling herbs on the skin (preservation). This is a common theme you will see throughout my choice in herbs.

- Helps with detox & weight loss (detox is a central focus in my routine because what is not cleansed cannot be renewed).

- May help menstrual pain.

- Helps prevent bad breath.

- Beneficial to eye health.

- Enhances skin color and tone.

Osmanthus flower tea:

Herbal routine 1.3liter glass cup with lid

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