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Quitting coffee

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

You can get the tea on Amazon here: BLUE LOTUS CHAI

In my quest to quit coffee, I was experiencing extreme inflammation, severe pain from my TMJ from that inflammation that felt like fire down my spine, headaches, shaky hands, weakness, and just overall misery. Sometimes, my inflammation and pain would be so severe that I would lay in bed for 3 days straight with ice-packs all over my body. I was miserable thinking of all the things I should be doing for my kids that I wasn't doing, or the work I wasn't completing. My quality of life was really low and I was not content with where I had let myself come to.

I had always given myself the excuse that I *deserve* coffee because I am a busy mom, entrepreneur, student, and etc., but I knew that the more I push myself to do more using coffee as my "speed", the more rapidly my health was deteriorating. I could feel it.

Well, in my commitment to live my best self in mind and body, in the here and now, I vowed to give up sugar, flour and coffee altogether. I am a firm believer that "clean" Korean food (no MSG, no artificial or processed ingredients - foods cooked as tradition intended) is one of the best avenues for healthy eating, and this is relatively easy to do because I did not eat flour or sugar in my 20s, and Korean ingredients are easy to access here.

HOWEVER, my lifelong addiction to coffee and Starbucks is the only unhealthy habit I had been unable to quit. I started drinking Starbucks at age 12. Come on, it's a life-long addiction when you start that young, lol. BUT, I was able to quit cold turkey by coincidentally trying out this tea that I bought on sale from Whole Foods. The moment I drank it, I could feel my inflammation going down and I just felt incredibly "clean" and energized. Whereas coffee would leave me feeling "sticky" from sugar or acidic when I drank it black, and overall just drained after the very brief energy boost wore off, this chai tea left me feeling cleansed and energized, and was sweet enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. I've tried other chai teas but this one really matched my body's needs really well. I am SO happy to find this tea and I am VERY excited to quit coffee thanks to this chai tea without going on caffeine withdrawals. I make the tea with only water, no almond milk or milk of any kind.

You can get the tea on Amazon here: BLUE LOTUS CHAI

I used to eat "paleo" before paleo was even a thing, and I want to go back to eating clean Korean food that has no flour or sugar in it. I am going to be centering my diet around bone broths and deep and complex vegetable broths.


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