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Red Light Therapy for Your Room

I finally got my red light for my room!

Watching 3 kids 7 days a week while working (and not sleeping) is an incredibly difficult lifestyle. Even grown men at their athletic peak would have a hard time doing what I'm doing, so I make sure to take care of myself to maintain my most valuable asset - my health.

I use red light therapy once or twice a week for 30 minutes to help my body recover from my incredibly demanding lifestyle. I can only do what I do if I take care of my health first. AND it actually helps with beauty because of its benefits to skin cells and collagen production. If I am going to prevent aging as much as possible from the lack of sleep, I need to do everything possible to treat my body as one system and not just surface level beauty routines!

I used to go to my Korean herbalist bi-weekly to get red light therapy along with acupuncture but I decided to get my own light so I can get it’s benefits more frequently at home without the cost and hassles of appointments.

I included some screenshots of red light therapy benefits. I use the light intensity settings to make it weaker for my kids and do 30 sessions for them when they have stomach aches or colds.

Love my red light!

This is the one I bought

If you want just the bulb I recomend

All my health and beauty routines are also on @herbalkorean Instagram


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